Desperation is the Mother of Invention

In May of 2010, my husband lost his job. As hard as it was, it was a fantastic turning point for our family. We took the 'opportunity' to switch gears, and my husband pursued the career he'd always wanted: law enforcement. During the 'in between', however, we needed a way to make ends meet (or at least not be as far apart!).

I had begun decorating composition notebooks for friends as gifts. I never thought to sell them until I got (what I like to refer to as) a 'nudge' from God. I took a leap of faith. opened up tyvm in June 2010, and have never looked back.

The shop has evolved over the years from cards and notebooks to money envelopes and CD sleeves, to desk calendars and planners. I give credit and many thanks to my wonderful customers for requesting items I didn't already have, which stretched my imagination and skills, and grew my shop to what it is today.

In case you're wondering . . . tyvm = thank . you . very . much!


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